Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ed Balls

If anyone reads my ramblings on a regular basis it will not take too long before they realise that I haven't got much time for Andrew Marr's political programme on a Sunday morning. For weeks he has had all the NoLab leaders on giving them valuable air space to say absolutely nothing. I reckon that since the support for NoLab has collapsed he has probably interviewed the whole cabinet and none of them have had anything remotely intelligent to add to the demise that the party has made for itself.

Normally Marr feeds them simple questions and then allows them to waffle along repeating themselves ad nauseum for as long as they like. Today however he had Ed Balls on the show. Now I don't know about Andrew Marr but Balls could irritate the most mild mannered. He is a patronising prat who is currently messing up the Education for kids in this country.

Maybe he annoyed Marr too because all of a sudden the host with the least began to get tough. He actually interrupted the waffle and began to ask him what big ideas the party had to turn the economy around. Now remember when Jack Straw was asked the same question he hinted that they had big plans but he couldn't let us know about them. Balls mentioned a couple of insignificant measures which didn't impress Marr and then he said that there big plan would be to attack the Tories more!

This really got Marr going and he caught Balls on the hop by stating that the main message appeared to be 'steady as she sinks'. Balls repeated himself again and again in the manner that all these NoLab people have when they cannot think of any thing new to add. It is frightening that this crowd have so long left to cling onto their expenses and privileges and nothing further to contribute to the country.

I am still waiting for Gordon Brown's 'vision of the future' The reason that he cancelled the 'phantom' election but the one item that is missing from all of them is 'vision'.

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