Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Metropolitan Police

I cannot comprehend the mess that is being brought on the reputation of the Metropolitan Police by the people at the top of the Black Police Officer's Association. Some very dirty infighting is going on and it has got to stop. I have no idea what the actions of Commander Dizaei and Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur are meant to achieve but the damage that they are creating is beyond belief.

They appear to have an agenda which involves the destruction of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Iain Blair. Now don't get me wrong I believe that he deserves everything he gets because he is part of the political class and is in no way a policeman. His conduct in the past has severely damaged the Met and in my opinion he is a poor leader but frankly this is no way to get rid of him.

I think that someone should step in, suspend the lot of them, investigate what has been happening and if necessary fire the lot. Then this ridiculous Black Police Officer's Association, which is blatantly racist and inappropriate in this so called modern, multicultural, country, should be disbanded. It is an affront to all things decent.

There is something very rotten indeed about this particular barrel of apples and it is about time that those in power got involved and stopped leaving it to the reporters from newspapers like The Daily Mail to uncover the smell surrounding these top coppers and their links to dodgy lawyers and dodgy politicians.

Once again government is failing the public but are we surprised?

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