Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Nick Clegg

I normally find the LibDems an irrelevance. I have long thought that any party that can ignore a talented performer like Vince Cable and vote in a glossy copycat of David Cameron need their heads examining.

On top of that, the copycat Nick Clegg, was woefully caught short when he blurted out that he thought the government pension was 'about' thirty quid a week. Now I don't mind him being a few quid out but that was a shocking gap in his knowledge. So you get the picture I am no fan of Nick Clegg so imagine my surprise to see this prat give a bloody good speech at the LibDem conference today.

He ended up by claiming that the LibDems are probably the only party with a social conscience in today's political climate. Now that bit could be true because NoLab under Gordon Brown are so far up their own backsides that any claim to a social conscience would be laughed out of any court in the land.

They have also announced that the LibDems are going to phone loadsa voters with a recorded message by Nick Clegg asking for their opinions on the priorities of the next LibDem government. Well I have been sat by the phone all evening but he hasn't rung me! Come to think of it nobody ever asks me my opinion. I hear about all these MORI polls and the other political polls but nobody ever asks me.

Who do they ask? Who are the privileged people who speak for the rest of us? Apparently a poll will tell us tomorrow that 52% of the electorate will vote Conservative at the next election which is quite sensational.

Anyhow back to Nick Clegg, I don't really like him. I must admit however that he addressed much of what I wanted to hear in his speech today. It was quite impressive and I admire his scriptwriter. He touched on points that are important which made me sit up.

So he hasn't rung and now I have to deal with the anti climax. What can I do? Well I will let him know now what I want from the LibDems.

We MUST come out of Europe. This in my opinion and I will stick by it until I die.
If we go into Europe then we the public must decide and as we have never had a vote on the modern Europe then it is not valid. The very fact that Gordon Brown is scared to give us a referendum says it all for me. Ireland have voted negatively and yet the so called powers that be refuse to accept the 'No' vote. This is totally undemocratic but what is democracy in the new 'Europe'. The political class are creating a monster which we should all reject. Mr Clegg you will get a lot of votes if you promote a "let's question Europe policy" instead of slavishly following what all your mates want.

In my opinion the education of my three granddaughters is paramount. The destruction of the education system to the point that the grading (when it happens)is suspect. Someone must get a grip of education, reintroduce standards and stop the stupidity that every year grades must rise. Please, please, bin the education idiots and give the power back to the teachers.

Crime and Punishment I will leave until tomorrow because it is getting late and I need to think about it.

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