Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Gordon Brown

So that was it? That was Gordon Brown's vision for the country. That was a really successful conference speech by our resident PM. They stood up and clapped until their hands bled but what did he say and what did he address? In my opinion it was pure rhetoric and soundbyte but nothing about the things which would really change our society.

Did he address immigration, crime, justice, health, the armed services or education? No not a bloody word! Has he any ideas about limiting immigration? How many new prisons will he build? Has he addressed the problems concerning the Metropolitan Police with their racist Black Police Officer's Association, the link between Keith Vaz and his allegedly dodgy cohorts? Will he investigate the people destroying out children's education? Has he yet visited a wounded or maimed serviceman?

All we heard was a speech written by scriptwriters emphasising his concern for the poor. This the same poor who NoLab have totally deserted in the past ten years. While the bankers and the quango/trust leaders have prospered the poor have floundered to such an extent that a sub culture has been bred which threatens us all. This in a country which purports to be a leading western democracy.

The children from these families are clearly out of control. Teenagers, most of them black, are being murdered on our streets every week. The police appear to be helpless and are we surprised? We have a Met Police chief embroiled in a murder of a Brazilian 'terrorist' and other very senior officers either suspended or engaged in sueing their own force for 'racism'. All of these people have been appointed by NoLab or the committees who are dominated by NoLab supporters. The organisation 'Common Purpose' has a lot to answer for. Did Gordon Brown address this problem? No of course he didn't he just blamed the problems of this country on the world's finance markets.

NoLab have systematically dismantled famiily life in this country. They have given every advantage to the feckless, lawless and reckless. At the same time they have attacked the law abiding taxpayers to such an extent that they have lost faith in their local councillors, their police force and above all their MPs.

Gordon thinks that his shiny stunt of bringing his wife onto the stage in front of adoring and dependent Labour supporters will blind the electorate. He is in denial. He is hated by the public that he never meets and he has misjudged the mood of the electorate. The Westminster village tends to be ignorant of what 'real' people (the electorate) really feel.

They will, once again, be reminded by the voters from Glenrothes! NoLab are toast because they are in denial and they have nobody to replace a hopeless PM! Beware however, because the alternative may not be any better. We need a new electoral system but then what do I know?

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