Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Unions and NoLab

At long last and it has been a long time the Trade Unions are wakening up to the fact that their Labour Party was hijacked by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in 1996. It has taken twelve long years and at last the penny has dropped that they have been betrayed. You see the only people currently supporting the political class are the unions.

I simply do not believe that working class people, who are those being represented by the unions, want a political class who will rip them off. The taxes of the public are being used to prop up a group of people who have refused us a referendum on Europe, have abused the parliamentary expenses system and cannot be trusted on any current issue.

Have you noticed how the NoLab politicians have developed an ability to ignore any questions which they believe can expose them? Even at Prime Minister's Questions Time the PM evades every question asked of him. At every opportunity they evade the crucial question. They simply refuse to be accountable and they smirk continually because they know that they will be protected by those who are secretly funding them.

The Trade Unions are those groups who openly fund this political class. According to the television tonight their representatives are despairing at the ineptitude of Alistair Darling and his boss Gordon Brown. For months now there have been no proposals/ideas/policies/suggestions or any coherent discussion on how the working class, those people who NoLab have always represented, can survive in these difficult times.

Why I ask myself? Well it is quite simple the Political Class care nothing for the Working Class and it is high time that the Unions woke up to this fact. If they do not then they too have been hijacked and all those union subscriptions are worthless. Perhaps the Trade Unions are part of the Political Class because I can think of no other reason that they continue to fund a party once called the Labour Party.

I ask all union members to look very closely at their representatives because frankly I wouldn't trust them. They are part of the problem because socialists always betray their background once they smell the power of real money! There is no better example than John Prescott.

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