Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Syria Did Not Work...Let's Try Ukraine!

The problem with lurking in the murkier depths of the blogosphere is that patterns begin to emerge.  There are a lot of voices on the web all trying to reach the truth and the choices of who one believes remains paramount.

The cold war may be over but there is little doubt that President Putin is a major thorn in the flesh of the 'regime changers'.  He effectively vetoed the invasion of Iraq at the Security Council. Blair and Bush went ahead anyway thus seemingly turning themselves into 'war criminals'.  He then refused to sanction support for an invasion of Syria so clearly he is fighting a battle against the 'regime changers'.

Ukraine is a very large country.  The government had a choice of whether to ally themselves with the EU or with Russia and opted for closer ties with Russia.  Suddenly a riot mob emerges and begins a pitched battle with Ukrainian police.  

Now I can accept that a section of the public did not agree with their government but then the propaganda machine goes into action!  Suddenly the usual subjects, people like John Kerry and the corporate leader of the UK, David Cameron, wade into the action and suddenly the villain of the piece is Ukrainian PM Victor Yanukovych.  

I get the impression that the 'rebels' are being supported by 'regime changers' and already there are reports that Moldovans are being paid to join the rebels.  Just remember that historically almost every war has been the work of 'regime changers' with links to the banking industry.  I guess they are trying once again and this time they are on Russia's doorstep!


Anonymous said...

Bry, I'm on your wavelength here. You either believe this Jewish conspiracy theory or you don't. You go down Harbingers path, or you dismiss him, like you know I have on your blog and The Tap.

Harbinger wether right or wrong is obviously knowledgeable of the subject but his conclusion (send all Jews to somewhere in Russia and keep them confined) is a little bit wayward. Even if he is right, do you think that we can or should change the course of our fate, according to the bible



Anonymous said...

Read a little more about Ukraine and it's leader Bry, this is not an overnight thing, It's population want a less corrupt system and one that doesn't rely on the leaders henchmen to do his dirty work



Ps the Tap is a great site for conspiracy geeks, but jeez some are way of the mark.

bryboy said...

Hi Neutrino and tks for your response. I am currently studying the history and the tactics of the 'regime changers'. It has been going on for centuries and they always succeed! They want a war...any war...and it does not matter where it is or what it is about. War is good for them and bad for us because we are the people who suffer. People should study history. I will have more to say on this!