Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Day that the Public met the Politicians!

Recently the politicians could no longer ignore the people.  For day after day as the flood waters arose the politicians ignored their plight but then they were bearded every time they appeared in public.

They could hide no longer and their embarrassment was clear. Suddenly and it is 'suddenly' all manner of help emerged and the flooded streets were awash with help from the army, the police and the fire service.  Clearly the word had got out 'get off your arses and do your jobs'.  'Suddenly' there are no 'risk assessments'. no mention of 'Health and Safety' because the people have shamed them into action.

Did you notice how uncomfortable Ed Miliband appeared when he had to meet a member of the public!  He addressed her as 'Madam'! What 19th century convent has he attended?  He seemed unable to talk to people in a normal, unaffected manner and this is the 'man of the people'.  This is the leader of the 'Labour' party who claim to represent the 'working class'.

'Suddenly' our politicians are beginning to realise that this flooding (and I refuse to believe that it is not the work of HAARP).  Now if you don't know about HAARP and Chemtrails are then I suggest you begin to understand what is happening to you.  Google both terms because I do not have the space to explain.

If you cannot be bothered then your future and the future of your families will probably be at stake.  In the meantime please be reminded that some families in Somerset suffered for weeks before the floods reached the Thames Valley where influence and political funding is significant.

You must remember that they are shameless. They will promise you the earth and give you nothing. To underline this, let me repeat David Cameron's promise...'We are a rich country so we will do everything necessary'.  Suddenly we are a 'rich country' but we are only a 'rich country' when someone suggests that we cut the Foreign Aid budget.

By the by I know that weather is unpredictable, I know that it varies from year to year but....are we now seeing scenes from around the world which are exceptional.  The lack of support for the public for so many days was inexcusable.  I just hope that the people remember this deliberate lack of action when the elections come around.


Anonymous said...

Asking the electorate to remember?

We have a economical electorate, easily led, short on independent thought let alone memory, and cheap to buy.

Too few living here who can't be bought.



Anonymous said...

We all vote as individuals. Until we hunt in packs like the Muslims, nothing will change.