Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Are People Waking Up?

Someone that I regard as a friend who hopes to be the UKIP candidate for Loughborough is, on his own initiative, canvassing the public.  He just takes off wearing his UKIP rosette and chats to all and sundry.

Generally he has been treated well and often, once they spot the rosette, people approach him.  As a result he is able to identify the current trends.  Now I know that some people may lie to his face because they do not wish to offend him but far, far too many are looking in the direction of UKIP to save the country.

I get the impression that the UKIP bandwagon is on the march.  The 'switched off' public are beginning to realise that if they want to get the country back on track then an exit from Europe is the first essential. To be ruled by an unelected elite without an auditable process is so undemocratic that my first question to any mainstream politician must can you support it?

If you vote UKIP your lives will change overnight. All the money being squandered by the EU will be at our disposal.  They will probably use the current expenditure on Foreign Aid to the benefit of the British people.

I am a member of UKIP so I want the end of quangos and I want their members in the dole queues. I want the British military out of all foreign conflict unless it threatens this country. I want the police back on the streets protecting the public and I want all the senior police officers who have emanated from Common Purpose sacked. 

I will go even further.  I want EVERY person who has embraced Common Purpose to be sacked from every government position and replaced by former servicemen.  Servicemen who have lost their jobs from government cuts!

I want patriotism to be rewarded instead of being denigrated.  I want a total review of all those currently involved in the justice system.  I want an end to the 'closed shop' for judges who belong to the 'masonry' or the 'gentlemen's clubs'.  We need judges who do not have a political agenda.

I want an end to people 'lobbying' for their own ends. Bribery leads to corruption and corruption leads to wars and the 'bankers' and the 'regime changers' have used this influence to control the world.  If we are not careful our government are leading us into a third World War because they are being paid to do it.

It is happening even as I type.  Ukraine is aflame. Syria has not been resolved. Putin is mobilizing his tanks and his fleet because he is alarmed at the actions of the CIA.  The CIA is owned by the bankers and they disrupt any government that does not reward the bankers.

It is time to replace them... but you must vote in droves, because they have already devised a system, piloted in the States which, ensures that democratic elections can be manipulated.  That is why the mainstream parties are already trying to get people to sign up for postal voting!

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