Monday, 10 February 2014

Was All the Flooding Deliberate?

Yes I know that I can be termed a conspiracy theorist but come on...who decided that dredging the rivers should cease?  Who decided that adequate drainage should be abandoned?  How is this linked to EU directives?

Why has the crucial funding for flood defences meant that the normal measures that for years have defended the properties of the people close to our rivers suddenly disappeared.

I don't trust any government authority.  I always believe that in this day and age it is us, the people, against them, the government.  So when people are desperate enough to sell to anyone who will buy; what will stop the 'bandits' from buying up farms and homes and then ensuring that the normal defences against flooding are reinstated.

Just a thought!  


Anonymous said...

To your question, no.

More importantly surely, is will legoland be flooded come 9th of march, I bloody hope so.



Anonymous said...

No i don't think the flooding was deliberate, but what is deliberate is the gradual disappearence of time served hands on veterans at the helm of schools/institutions/authorities/companies/quangos.

Replaced as the old school retired with those who know sod all, but can memorise the hymn sheet of the day and quote from it word for word, preferably without a single conviction or principle in their bloody heads, and, like most modern politicians (for whom these new breed do their bidding) without a smattering of honour.

We need the old school back in charge in this country, those of sound mind and knowledge who don't suffer politically correct bloody fools gladly, and don't mind telling some bloody apparatchik to fuck off when they're talking bollocks in the way they do.

If a river needs dredging, dredge the bugger, if we lack the skills to know what to do about drainage send for a Dutchman who does know what he's doing.