Thursday, 13 March 2014

We Live in Dangerous Times!

I am close to winding this blog up.  Mostly this is because people are not listening and not caring that we have a one world power that is pushing us increasingly towards a war to end all wars.  The American CIA is today apparently murdering anyone who opposes them.  They are clearly the instruments of a power that seemingly nobody can oppose.

Now think about it. Who wants a war?  The only people who have ever wanted a war have been the 'regime changers'.  Way back centuries ago Mummy Rothschild quoted that 'there would be no war if my sons did not want them'.  That is on record and yet nobody seems to believe that this will happen yet again.

The situation in Ukraine is serious.  Many people believe that the EU/NATO have created this situation and they may be correct. Some of us believe that the EU/NATO is a creation of the 'regime changers' who have decided to annex at least part of Ukraine to extend their empire.  Some people see President Putin as the final frontier who will thwart their ambition as he did in Syria.

But what happens if he is part of the plot?  What can happen if Syria was just a rehearsal and that Putin is actually a 'regime change' stooge like Kerry and Hague.  If that is true can any of us escape the inevitable consequences?

This is the reason that I probably will not blog any more.  Nobody is listening but if you are, then we have one last chance to escape inevitable war.  We must desert the mainstream political parties and vote for, off the streets members of the public.  I cannot promise you that these people will be without flaws but they have to be better that the pederast, homosexual, weak, Oxbridge educated traitors that have dominated our politics for some 70 years.

UKIP will never be perfect but it is the only way forward for our children and grandchildren.  PLEASE stop voting for weak traitors who are open to blackmail and vote FOR our final opportunity to influence our future.

For decades we have voted for people who, in hindsight, have been proven to be traitorous and worse.  We all look at our past and say 'Oh my Gosh' but what about today's politicians?  The links to Jimmy Savile are many and various.  Some of them could still be smugly sitting on front bench seats. They could still be active  so surf the Internet and seek the truth!


Anonymous said...

hi Bryboy.
Having read your blog from the outset, I think you are wrong that you think people are not listening.
Just a few things for you to ponder...
Caesar (the pope) wants the destruction of the anglo-saxons, its been a thorn in the side of the vatican for a long time.
Who will suffer the most from sanctions against Russia? Oh it would not be the strongest economy in the eu would it?
Did'nt the Queen have a parley with the pope not so long ago?
Who changed their faith to catholicism when leaving office?
Forget the muzzies and jews, look more to rome. The jesuits are so involved it is unbelievable. Just look up the oath they take. They want it all, and I think they are close to getting it.
The only solution I think available is out of the eu and closer ties with commonwealth country's.
Caesar never left he just changed his hat. If you are a christian, by definition you follow the pope because he is the head honcho.
Could UKIP make such a big move away from europe? The simple answer is no. It does not mean that everyone gives up, just knowing the enemy gives advantage.
Unless you are a man of the pope then everything should be hunky doory.
Just dont let these things give you nightmares, because, what will be, will be..


bewick said...

couldn't agree more Morgan. Much as I like Nigel Farage and his common sense views I very much regret that a vote for UKIP at a general election would probably guarantee the success of Milliband and Labour. It will take some years before the many anti-EU parties around the EU get their commonalities in line and concentrate on one or two main policies - to eliminate the fascist/nazi tags.
Bryboy. I would miss your blog and will be sad if you do actually give up.

bryboy said...

Tks for your advice and encouragement guys. It does make a difference. I still believe that we must oppose the Westmonster three at the ballot box. We must show our disapproval of their negligence, ineptitude and criminality. You are probably right Bewick that Miliband may win the day if we vote UKIP but what the hell, we survived 13 years of their nonsense and UKIP may just begin to make inroads on the political platform. At grass roots level it is not easy. People are beginning to sit up and take notice but it is difficult to contest the MSM propaganda.
Morgan there seems to be so many enemies of decency in the modern world that sometimes I despair. The Jesuits often slip under the radar but I agree their influence has been malign for a long time. Tks for your interest guys.