Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Police are Corrupt...Really?

Is anyone surprised about the revelations that we have a corrupt police force?  We have had case after case covered up by the boys in blue.  Actually I do not mean the 'boys in blue'. I mean the men in suits, the Common Purpose recruited servants of the 'regime changers' who continually conspire to follow an agenda which refuses to reveal the truth to the public.

We have had many cases that beggar belief and the promise of Home Secretary, Teresa May, to hold an inquiry into this issue hardly inspires confidence. We have so many of these inquiries that almost always exonerate government officials and never, ever seek the truth.

Most of the senior police officers in the country are under suspicion.  It has been reported that Jimmy Savile had the cooperation of many members of the North Yorkshire police.  He had an uncomfortably cosy relationship with the police but then dear old Jimmy also reportedly had cosy relationships with 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace! 

The Lawrence case has exposed corruption at a low level.  My feeling is that it goes much higher and much further. These low level detectives could never have conspired to derail the Lawrence 
investigation unless they were protected from on high.

I will bet you now that no senior police officer will be uncovered by the 'Teresa May' inquiry even though the evidence is damning! You watch what happens!

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