Saturday, 15 March 2014

'Is There Someone named Kerry?'

I know that I have been considering closing this blog down but yesterday I read something which I cannot ignore.  It is so disturbing that I feel we need to publicize it possibly so that it can be stopped!

I read some weird stuff on the Internet and most of it can be judged on its merit but in this instance I can only ask you to read it and make up your own mind.  I have lifted it from 'The Truthseeker' but originally it came from '' and it was written in 2006 after a conversation which took place in 1999!

I cannot make a judgement on ESP (extrasensory perception) because I have never met anyone who has the ability.  I just find it incredible that in 2014 when the world is being driven towards conflict a lady could have a vision 15 years earlier which could be possible in 2014!

There has been persistent rumours/warnings that the American government is hell bent on committing a major 'false flag' incident very soon.  I do hope that this is just a piece of nonsense but it is 'spooky' considering the background and the length of time that has passed since 9/11.

Read about 'The Prophesy' here.

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