Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ukraine: Another message from the Banking Class!

Once it has entered your head that there is a ruling class in the world who are causing all of the wars then it doesn't take long to spot their modus operendae.  It has been happening for a long time now in various trouble spots all over the world.  Iraq, Libya, Eqypt, Syria, have all received the same treatment and their countries have subsequently been ruined.

Now evidence is emerging that 'forces from a new regime' stirred up trouble in Kiev by sniping on both sides during the recent riots.  The Ukrainian police protested that it was not them killing people and that they would not fire on their own people.  

Then a security group intercepted a conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and our very own Baroness Kathy Ashton and it all came spilling out. Urmas had been to Kiev to talk to Olga Bogomolets a Ukrainian doctor who ran the Maidan Mobile medical unit that patched up the wounded and dealt with the dead.  She discovered that all the bullets came from the same weapons. Those weapons did not belong to the Ukrainian police.  The full story is here.

So the next time that our media and our leading politicians start blaming Vladimir Putin for the invasion perhaps we should remember who backed up the snipers and who imported them into Ukraine.  Our leading politicians are beginning to look very foolish with their blether.

My daughter has a Russian friend who recently attended a bereavement back home and she cannot understand the stance of the western press.  By and large the Russian speaking population of Ukraine are quite thankful that Putin is protecting them from the imported thugs who kill indiscriminately as they did in Syria and elsewhere.

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SAB said...

I found myself almost routing for Putin. Every time. 'The West' condoned Russia, their foreign minister simply quoted the illegal Iraq and Afghan invasions and the death and destruction it has caused and still is.