Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Missing Aircraft!

None of us yet knows what happened to the missing aircraft from Malaysia.  The 'Blogosphere' is alive with conspiracy theories so I have another one. In modern times the only 'terrorists' are the 'regime changers'.  The 'regime changers' emanate from the USA but are probably controlled by Israel.

Heh! I know nothing but like so many other people, here on ground zero, I am actually really concerned how close we are getting to World War III.  If you read history and I have done, then I know that if the Rothschild family want a war then we will get one.

The missing Malaysian aircraft is, in my mind, their doing.  They have the technology, the finance and the real estate to make this plane disappear.  The twenty electronic technicians on board from Tesla Electronics also give them a motive because the very people who can destroy the oil industry have a threat second to none.

Nobody knows where this aircraft went but here is a clue. In modern times no aircraft can disappear (unless we believe in little green men).  So how can this aircraft be hijacked? Well the destination must be rock solid.  If the flight came down anywhere in the world then someone, somewhere would see it unless it landed on an airstrip protected by security.  If you work for the American military you lose everything if you talk...bang goes your future!

So was Diego Garcia the destination?    



Anonymous said...

The plane was slowly depressurised and all passengers and crew are dead, the plane was at cruising height when it passed over it,s destination, Beijing. Because of ineptitude within it's air control the plane was not picked up. It continued on and crashed into a mountain forest somewhere in Northern China.


bryboy said...

That is one big call! I just wish that you had some credibility. Somehow I cannot go along with your 'theory'. Are you trying to tell me that a high profile country like China would allow that to happen? Come on my friend you will have to try harder!

Anonymous said...

What try harder than all the other crackpot theories that are on the Internet already. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what has happened. Oh but you want believe what anyone tells you because you have your own agenda. You take what you want from the Internet regardless of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Hi bryboy,
Be carefull what you read.
Change your way of thinking !!!
Do you rearly know who you are convrersing with???

Deception ,words,retoric,oh how they deceive.

My words are bullshit as are most. Your insticts will tell you more.

Send all around in circles, as it makes scence to most.

You are not a fool.

Always remember see and it becomes very clear.

Truth is an illusion held deep in your subsciece

I see you are an ex soldier,this in itself makes you suseptable to believing what you read.

My father was a soldier in the second world war. 17years, was in Egypt. Died at 43.

My stepfather,(a man i would have died for) was in Berlin at the end of WW11.

Faith is a beleif for those that believe that someone cares more about you than they do about themselves.

Its about control and power, nothing more nothing less.

To be honest THEY can say whatever they want and you have no say.

The plane has gone, you will only find it if they want you to.

Forget it, you are pissing against a tidal wave.

Your life is Jack s**t, worthless, nothing nada.

Listen to some music it helps.


bryboy said...

Wow! My normally insignificant blog has attracted some attention. Tks for your interest guys but I will plough my own furrow and the reason for that is that everything I read and discover follows a plan. I was in military intelligence for 25 years so I know that a fact has to be checked out at least from three different sources. What I am talking about has been repeated year after year. I hate what I see because I believe that we are being dragged towards a major conflict. It has happened many times before and the same people are able to manipulate the media. Really... I seriously hope that I am wide of the mark but everything that I read and witness tells me that the United States are the modern day terrorists and will not cease until they achieve their aims. Then the world that we know will collapse. The disappearance of a modern aircraft into where...? The media are feeding the public a ridiculous scenario because they know that the 'sheeple' will buy it. I would prefer to believe the people of the Maldives but then that would be inconvenient!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryboy.

You will get your major conflict, have no doubt about it.

Just make sure you are on that island in the indian ocean, because its about the safest place to be.

Dont point any fingers of blame, you only dig your own hole.

Intelligence can be whatever it wants to be.(its called spin)

You are losing sight of the main game.

If you dont like music go on 'u' tube and punch in Frank Ocollins Western roman law. That and a lot more will open your mind to how the system works.

Be careful the truth ai'nt what you really believe.

Its a deep hole just make sure its where you want to be.

If politics is the way you are going forget investigating.(they dont) Its all smoke and more smoke.

I am not having an issue with you concerning this, but i will say, i won the lottery when born in this country, and yes i can trace my ancestry back through church records. This land of ours has been reduced to a third world shithole after digging itself out of a distuctive war that brought it to its knees. Now some non-discript lowlife is handing what a lot of the finest men in Britain laid down there lifes for, to a dictatorial regime that they fought against in the first place. Send that to your masters..

I wish you well, stay safe, because your masters just dont give a s**t.