Thursday 20 March 2014

Who is Feeding the Media?

The disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft is developing into a 'Bermuda Triangle' incident.  The Malaysian authorities spent a week apparently searching the South China Sea for wreckage when they knew that the plane had changed direction!  That one fact should tell us that something is wrong.

They are now searching for wreckage in a remote area far off the coast of Australia.  This particular area is probably the most difficult area in the world to search. Nice One!

Apparently the wreckage which has been seen by some agency in the United States is regarded by the mainstream media as credible. Prior to that there has been a report that people in the Maldives witnessed an aircraft, with the markings of a Malaysian aircraft, had been seen passing over their island en route to a direction that leads possibly to Diego Garcia.

Now this report has been dismissed.  Normally something as sensational as this would be investigated.  Senior reporters would be 'parachuted' in with interpreters to interview those people who saw this plane. It has been dismissed as not relevant.  Immediately after the dismissal of this sighting we are fed this ridiculous sighting of some wreckage miles away from civilization.

Come on!  This aircraft was kidnapped because senior and knowledgeable electronic technicians were on board. I believe that they were taken to a secret location for interrogation.  I may be wrong and if I am I will willingly apologise but all the 'hate' in the world currently emanates from America.  They are winning the war on technology and they are using it!

We should be aware that we are on the verge of a World War III because the 'regime changers' are hell bent on a war like they were with Napoleon, Kaiser Bill, Hitler and recently Osama bin Laden!  

Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Missing Aircraft!

None of us yet knows what happened to the missing aircraft from Malaysia.  The 'Blogosphere' is alive with conspiracy theories so I have another one. In modern times the only 'terrorists' are the 'regime changers'.  The 'regime changers' emanate from the USA but are probably controlled by Israel.

Heh! I know nothing but like so many other people, here on ground zero, I am actually really concerned how close we are getting to World War III.  If you read history and I have done, then I know that if the Rothschild family want a war then we will get one.

The missing Malaysian aircraft is, in my mind, their doing.  They have the technology, the finance and the real estate to make this plane disappear.  The twenty electronic technicians on board from Tesla Electronics also give them a motive because the very people who can destroy the oil industry have a threat second to none.

Nobody knows where this aircraft went but here is a clue. In modern times no aircraft can disappear (unless we believe in little green men).  So how can this aircraft be hijacked? Well the destination must be rock solid.  If the flight came down anywhere in the world then someone, somewhere would see it unless it landed on an airstrip protected by security.  If you work for the American military you lose everything if you talk...bang goes your future!

So was Diego Garcia the destination?    


Saturday 15 March 2014

'Is There Someone named Kerry?'

I know that I have been considering closing this blog down but yesterday I read something which I cannot ignore.  It is so disturbing that I feel we need to publicize it possibly so that it can be stopped!

I read some weird stuff on the Internet and most of it can be judged on its merit but in this instance I can only ask you to read it and make up your own mind.  I have lifted it from 'The Truthseeker' but originally it came from '' and it was written in 2006 after a conversation which took place in 1999!

I cannot make a judgement on ESP (extrasensory perception) because I have never met anyone who has the ability.  I just find it incredible that in 2014 when the world is being driven towards conflict a lady could have a vision 15 years earlier which could be possible in 2014!

There has been persistent rumours/warnings that the American government is hell bent on committing a major 'false flag' incident very soon.  I do hope that this is just a piece of nonsense but it is 'spooky' considering the background and the length of time that has passed since 9/11.

Read about 'The Prophesy' here.

Thursday 13 March 2014

We Live in Dangerous Times!

I am close to winding this blog up.  Mostly this is because people are not listening and not caring that we have a one world power that is pushing us increasingly towards a war to end all wars.  The American CIA is today apparently murdering anyone who opposes them.  They are clearly the instruments of a power that seemingly nobody can oppose.

Now think about it. Who wants a war?  The only people who have ever wanted a war have been the 'regime changers'.  Way back centuries ago Mummy Rothschild quoted that 'there would be no war if my sons did not want them'.  That is on record and yet nobody seems to believe that this will happen yet again.

The situation in Ukraine is serious.  Many people believe that the EU/NATO have created this situation and they may be correct. Some of us believe that the EU/NATO is a creation of the 'regime changers' who have decided to annex at least part of Ukraine to extend their empire.  Some people see President Putin as the final frontier who will thwart their ambition as he did in Syria.

But what happens if he is part of the plot?  What can happen if Syria was just a rehearsal and that Putin is actually a 'regime change' stooge like Kerry and Hague.  If that is true can any of us escape the inevitable consequences?

This is the reason that I probably will not blog any more.  Nobody is listening but if you are, then we have one last chance to escape inevitable war.  We must desert the mainstream political parties and vote for, off the streets members of the public.  I cannot promise you that these people will be without flaws but they have to be better that the pederast, homosexual, weak, Oxbridge educated traitors that have dominated our politics for some 70 years.

UKIP will never be perfect but it is the only way forward for our children and grandchildren.  PLEASE stop voting for weak traitors who are open to blackmail and vote FOR our final opportunity to influence our future.

For decades we have voted for people who, in hindsight, have been proven to be traitorous and worse.  We all look at our past and say 'Oh my Gosh' but what about today's politicians?  The links to Jimmy Savile are many and various.  Some of them could still be smugly sitting on front bench seats. They could still be active  so surf the Internet and seek the truth!

Thursday 6 March 2014

The Police are Corrupt...Really?

Is anyone surprised about the revelations that we have a corrupt police force?  We have had case after case covered up by the boys in blue.  Actually I do not mean the 'boys in blue'. I mean the men in suits, the Common Purpose recruited servants of the 'regime changers' who continually conspire to follow an agenda which refuses to reveal the truth to the public.

We have had many cases that beggar belief and the promise of Home Secretary, Teresa May, to hold an inquiry into this issue hardly inspires confidence. We have so many of these inquiries that almost always exonerate government officials and never, ever seek the truth.

Most of the senior police officers in the country are under suspicion.  It has been reported that Jimmy Savile had the cooperation of many members of the North Yorkshire police.  He had an uncomfortably cosy relationship with the police but then dear old Jimmy also reportedly had cosy relationships with 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace! 

The Lawrence case has exposed corruption at a low level.  My feeling is that it goes much higher and much further. These low level detectives could never have conspired to derail the Lawrence 
investigation unless they were protected from on high.

I will bet you now that no senior police officer will be uncovered by the 'Teresa May' inquiry even though the evidence is damning! You watch what happens!

Ukraine: Another message from the Banking Class!

Once it has entered your head that there is a ruling class in the world who are causing all of the wars then it doesn't take long to spot their modus operendae.  It has been happening for a long time now in various trouble spots all over the world.  Iraq, Libya, Eqypt, Syria, have all received the same treatment and their countries have subsequently been ruined.

Now evidence is emerging that 'forces from a new regime' stirred up trouble in Kiev by sniping on both sides during the recent riots.  The Ukrainian police protested that it was not them killing people and that they would not fire on their own people.  

Then a security group intercepted a conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and our very own Baroness Kathy Ashton and it all came spilling out. Urmas had been to Kiev to talk to Olga Bogomolets a Ukrainian doctor who ran the Maidan Mobile medical unit that patched up the wounded and dealt with the dead.  She discovered that all the bullets came from the same weapons. Those weapons did not belong to the Ukrainian police.  The full story is here.

So the next time that our media and our leading politicians start blaming Vladimir Putin for the invasion perhaps we should remember who backed up the snipers and who imported them into Ukraine.  Our leading politicians are beginning to look very foolish with their blether.

My daughter has a Russian friend who recently attended a bereavement back home and she cannot understand the stance of the western press.  By and large the Russian speaking population of Ukraine are quite thankful that Putin is protecting them from the imported thugs who kill indiscriminately as they did in Syria and elsewhere.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

I Can't Keep Up!

Now look I am a simple man.  I am just a member of the public.  I do have an interest in UKIP but that is the extent of my 'inside' knowledge.  In the past few weeks we have seen information 'leaked' to the public that leading members of the Labour party supported an organisation that actively supported a group promoting paedophelia.

This is a shock!  How can these leading politicians and one is the deputy leader of the modern Labour party just shrug their shoulders and hope that it will all go away?  We have all made mistakes in our youth but this one is catastrophic!  Apparently they supported sex with four year olds and the group they were supporting, included convicted paedophiles, who received government money!

Then yesterday we were told that a guy who is at the heart of Downing Street policy had been arrested for having child porn on his computer.  Now listen, anyone who is promoted by the military into sensitive positions has to pass a very stringent vetting procedure.  Even a hint of impropriety can bring a military career to a close.

It would appear that at a certain level vetting is not required.  Going back to the spies at the back end of World War II, if you have the correct background and the back-up from 'friends' then vetting is irrelevant.

There has been persistent rumours about paedophilia at the highest levels of society and I mean THE very highest of our society!! Following the revelations that Jimmy Savile was a villain par excellence then the acceptance that 'dodgy' practices are accepted at the highest level is disturbing. 

Patrick Rock is/was really very close to the PM.  They were at one time drinking chums.  There have been so many accusations about the political class that they are beginning to appear akin to the mafia.

So much is happening that I can't keep up! We have a crisis at home and a bigger crisis abroad. I am beginning to wonder if we can trust anyone currently inhabiting Westmonster and that is yet another reason to vote UKIP!