Thursday 20 March 2014

Who is Feeding the Media?

The disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft is developing into a 'Bermuda Triangle' incident.  The Malaysian authorities spent a week apparently searching the South China Sea for wreckage when they knew that the plane had changed direction!  That one fact should tell us that something is wrong.

They are now searching for wreckage in a remote area far off the coast of Australia.  This particular area is probably the most difficult area in the world to search. Nice One!

Apparently the wreckage which has been seen by some agency in the United States is regarded by the mainstream media as credible. Prior to that there has been a report that people in the Maldives witnessed an aircraft, with the markings of a Malaysian aircraft, had been seen passing over their island en route to a direction that leads possibly to Diego Garcia.

Now this report has been dismissed.  Normally something as sensational as this would be investigated.  Senior reporters would be 'parachuted' in with interpreters to interview those people who saw this plane. It has been dismissed as not relevant.  Immediately after the dismissal of this sighting we are fed this ridiculous sighting of some wreckage miles away from civilization.

Come on!  This aircraft was kidnapped because senior and knowledgeable electronic technicians were on board. I believe that they were taken to a secret location for interrogation.  I may be wrong and if I am I will willingly apologise but all the 'hate' in the world currently emanates from America.  They are winning the war on technology and they are using it!

We should be aware that we are on the verge of a World War III because the 'regime changers' are hell bent on a war like they were with Napoleon, Kaiser Bill, Hitler and recently Osama bin Laden!  


Anonymous said...

I've put forward a sensible scenario of what could have happened to the missing aircraft and you dismiss me as not credible, you come up with any old bullshit conspiracy theories and blame America for all the hate in the world, and you want me to vote for the same party as you!!!!!!!

Personally I would step away from your keyboard and just concentrate on local issues because your crackpot ideas do your Ukip cause no favours



GrumpyRN said...

Don't know if you have seen this, makes a bit more sense (or at least as much sense) than all the other conspiracy theory nonsense.

SAB said...

Just read that, thanks GrumpyRN. Assuming his facts are correct, it makes far more sense than anything else of heard or read so far. Hard to believe the so called 'experts' haven't investigated this possibility already.

SAB said...

If the aircraft had enough fuel to carry on flying that far west on autopilot, it also gives strength to the reported sightings in the Maldives of a low flying aircraft with the Malaysian colours.

bryboy said...

Neutrino you will be happy to know that I am close to giving this game up. I don't need your tirade of abuse. Just pass on by and insult someone else. Today my favourite football club won 5-0 against our closest neighbours and I was amongst the 33000 spectators who, tks to my family, cheered them on. I know that I tackle subjects ignored by the MSM but that is why I blog!

By the by this aircraft has still not been found. Nobody has any idea why it disappeared or where it went. Who is controlling the cyber space agenda? Who had the power to abduct a plane? Who preys on smaller countries? Who controls the western media?

The purpose of this blog today is to introduce people to the alternative agenda and then let them make their own minds up! Nothing more nothing less. I want to make people aware that they are being conned by our mainstream political parties. Neutrino vote for who you want Seriously I do not care!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a tirade of abuse and I certainly didn't insult you. Is your blog not here for discussion? Why have a comments section if you get all upset when someone comments?

You keep saying your going to give up but you know as well as me you can't, and personally I wouldn't want you to.

You have your opinion, am I not allowed mine?