Monday, 18 April 2011

The End of the EU?

News is coming through that the nationalist party in Finland, True Finns, has made huge gains in their General Election to such an extent that it could affect the future of the EU. I first heard about it through 'One Foot in the Grave' and Guido Fawkes followed it up yesterday. No wonder that Guido is speculating that it could give a boost to Nigel Farage and UKIP. UKIP is becoming increasingly important as it is now the largest Eurosceptic party in the country.

I get the impression that the British public are slowly and gradually wakening up to the fact that the Westmonster parties (all in the same EU boat)  under the leadership of Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband have perpetrated a huge fraud following the last election. We elect 650 MPs and yet so many of them seem incapable of original thought.

It beats me how any of them expect to retain political credibility when the mainstream media reports the squandering of millions of pounds by the EU supporting African despots. What kind of politician seriously expects us to believe that dance lessons in Burkina Faso should take precedence over the closing of our libraries and public toilets? All they are doing is supporting the socialist conspiracy that was outlined in the 'Grinding down America' video and there can be no excuse for any British politician getting involved with that!

If you still believe that the EU have a right to waste your money in this way then vote Conservative, Liberal or Labour. If you disagree then do what the Finns did and vote for yourselves for once!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really, really think that this will even cause a stutter in the EUs drive to a totalitarian united Europe. If so, you have not been listening - remember Ireland, Framce, Holland. they all voted against the EU and where are we now?

Captain Ranty said...

I just left this over at your brothers place:

This came as a pleasant and very welcome surprise for me.

I had long expected the downfall to be created/caused by Portugal, Ireland, Greece or Spain.

I never even noticed Finland, but I am over the moon that they have said "No".

The end of the EU would be a (new) beginning for us.

May that day come soon.


bryboy said...

I don't know anonymous because the cracks are beginning to show. The socialists have never been able to follow their plans through generally because they are not that bright. They have also made rules which they must follow if they are to maintain credibility. I never, ever thought that I'd see the Berlin Wall come down! I agree with CR nobody ever expected that Finland of all countries would put a spanner in the works and possibly that is why nobody prepared for it!