Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mr Fred Goodwin!

Big shot: Sir Fred on a clay pigeon shoot. The nature of the injunction he had meant that his former employers had no idea what he got up to during his time as chief executive

It is all well and good to strip this irresponsible 'criminal' of his Gordon Brown induced knighthood but how does that punish him? His conduct is surely criminal. It was reckless and yet he is walking away with a pension pot that is ridiculous. He single handedly almost brought a major UK bank to its knees. How can a CEO do that and get away with it?

In my opinion Fred Goodwin, charged with the safety of the Royal Bank of Scotland, allowed criminal behaviour. How could any Chief Executive lose so much money? He was clearly either, an incompetent CEO or a criminal hell bent on making major profits at the hands of the clients of the bank. He should not walk away with anything. He should be criminally charged but the 'system' is punishing him with a loss of a knighthood. So how does that punish someone who has become a billionaire on the back of reckless behaviour which cost his firm billions in revenue and cost thousands of jobs.

In my opinion someone is protecting Mr Goodwin and it is a disgrace. He should be in the dock! It is typical of a system which we are increasingly becoming accustomed to. So many failed Chief Executives are walking away with huge rewards because it is expedient to protect corruption. Is anyone prepared to expose them...certainly not because they are all in the same club. Sorry people but you will physically have to take this country back to restore any sense of democracy. They have got you by the proverbial!

Common Purpose

I have been studying members of Common Purpose through the information that the British Constitution Group has posted on the Internet. The period of their evidence extends  from 1992 until about 2006 so the activity has since continued for at least a further 6 years.You must realise that this organisation is highly active in this country and yet nobody talks about it. I began my blog on the back of this secret organisation because I was outraged that they could recruit public servants in secrecy.

I have trolled through their records seeking an objective, a reasoning or an ambition and I feel that I have discovered something. They organise a youth programme called 'Your Turn'. The participants all have one thing in common. They are selected from inner city schools particularly from London, Coventry and Bristol. Yes there are also other centres like Tyneside, Humberside, Portsmouth and Plymouth but strangely, at that time, they were not operating in Lancashire or the East Midlands.

Why would they concentrate on inner city schools? Well I just hazard a guess that they are picking up first or second generation bright kids from immigrant families who do have an inherent loyalty to this once great country. If you exist in an inner city society and can see that the indigenous British live in the 'better' areas then you will want a slice of the action.

Of course that is exactly what Common Purpose want to foster.  They will promote mistrust and malevolence and looking at the army of people who have passed through their indoctrination programmes they have been very successful. I suspect that by this time there are CP graduates everywhere. It is a fifth column of treason ensuring that EU edicts are embedded into our way of life.

Until this organisation and its disciples are exposed and uncovered then we will never return this country back to democratic principles.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Well said Sir...!

I couldn't put it better myself! Peter Oborne, political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph has a wonderful habit of summing up the moral decay of the nation. This is a great article but the comments from the public are just as relevant. We do still have decent, intelligent citizens but they are beginning to fade away. The country is slipping deeper into the mire and somehow we seem unable to find a politician or a public official who has a desire to serve the public.

We are to blame however, because we keep voting for more of the same. Everyone now knows that the three main political parties have been infiltrated by people who call themselves 'modernisers'. That means that they are working day and night to change our society and the results are clear. The last election was an opportunity to have a referendum but the sheep just walked tamely into their pens and did what they always do. 

More nonsense exposed!

It is little wonder that we despair of the Political Class when we read stories like this one. This one case exposes all the lies and deceit that the arrogant mainstream politicians heap on to the public. From start to finish it is a tale of incompetence, weakness and ineptitude all committed by our politicians and civil servants.

Where do we begin? A convicted Czech murderer walks into the country and our pathetic UK Border Agency claim that he was not 'flagged up' by the Czech authorities. Clearly that implies that their database is ineffective and therefore cannot be trusted. This man had convictions in his homeland for gross indecency, indecent assault, a brutal axe attack on a woman and had murdered his wife into the bargain. He is a most dangerous man and if the Czech authorities kept this quiet then they cannot be trusted.

He arrived here in 2009 and has since carried out a series of attacks the worst being a rape at knifepoint. I just wonder what the victims feel like now that the truth is out? These attacks are now happening too frequently to be ignored. Nothing however, no matter how violent and rotten, seems capable of shaking the Home Office out of their lethargy. He has by the way been sentenced to prison at our expense. He has been sentenced to 'life' but could be out in 12 years. What nonsense!

We are, thanks to the modernisers from all parties,  receiving the dregs of eastern Europe and here in the same newspaper is yet another example of the open border policy. This dotty agreement with the EU insisting on freedom of movement but containing no proper regulation is placing our citizens in jeopardy.
It is so serious and so utterly stupid that one must arrive at the inevitable conclusion that it has been imposed on us deliberately. I cannot think of one single aspect of rule by the EU which has been of benefit to the British public.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nick Clegg!

Sian Williams
Sian Williams
The leader of the LibDems is a charlatan. I believe that anyone who has a brain can see that he is purely a political animal with not an ounce of conviction. He clearly has no feel for the will of the public and frankly he doesn't care. Nick Clegg is an arch European moderniser so when he appeared on the BBC breakfast time programme I expected the usual crap.

Step forward Miss Goody Twoshoes, Sian Williams, who in my opinion could, along with her partner in crime Bill Turnbull, bore for Britain! Suddenly Sian became a rotweiler! She absolutely savaged Clegg who must have expected the usual BBC easy ride! He was proposing a LibDem policy which had no substance because he had no control over George Osborne's budget. 

She immediately pounced on his duplicity and exposed him for what he was...a double dealing europhile. She did us all a favour and I have rarely seen a mainstream politician looking so crestfallen. His big launch had been destroyed by an eagle eyed presenter! I hope that one day Sian heads towards Newsnight because on the evidence of this she really could be the next Paxman!

Who will tackle the Immigration Problem?

A friend, who I will call my Leicestershire correspondent, has pointed me in the direction of a report which appeared in the 'This is Leicestershire' publication and highlights a problem which I am sure, if we knew the full picture, would be magnified many times over.

I would be prepared to wager that the attitude and callousness of this Hungarian immigrant mirrors a problem which is being concealed from the public. The fact that our porous borders allow anyone who desires free money and housing into this country is bound to attract the undesirable. It is meant to attract them. Our prisons are full of them and it is costing us a small fortune.

I will reiterate that I know immigrants who have arrived here with full intentions of being good citizens and adopting our way of life. They are lovely people and deserve everything that they achieve. They now speak excellent English and have never expected a penny from the state. 

However, when you catch an uninsured driver with 11 people in his car and kids stuffed into the boot who also requires an interpreter to represent him then for the life of me I can see no reason for him or his family to remain here. Clearly he has little regard for the laws of this land and has forfeited the right to live here. He could have killed anybody. When will our modernising politicians admit that we must get a grip of our borders and prevent this type of ignorant layabout from taking advantage of a creaking system of immigration?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An Interesting Link!

This is an interesting link! I often think that I push a little too hard but I am just a babe in arms! I do wonder if anyone has been arrested yet? Personally I just think that if I were a past, present or future Prime Minister of this country and somebody called me one of he dirtiest words in the dictionary I would sue; that is of course if I thought that I would win!

English Defence League!

We all have our own method of protest against the madness which has descended upon this country in the last, at least, twenty years. I write this blog. I am fortunate that, as an ex grammar schoolboy, I was educated to be able to write a sentence or two. I often wonder however, how frustrated I would become if I could see my country being invaded by an army of foreigners and consequently finding myself competing for houses and jobs at the lower end of the market.

Not all British working class people are happy to be benefit scroungers. Not everyone wants to be kept by the state and have their future prospects limited by a Political Class hell bent on controlling your life, your family and your children.

From this background the English Defence League has emerged. I actually know nothing about the EDL but from what I have read it comprises working class people protesting in their own way particularly against the advance of Islam in this country. Islam has not yet affected my life or the lives of probably very many English people but if you live shoulder to shoulder with people promoting an alien culture then it would be unnatural not to become anxious.

So the EDL has decided that they will hold a march through Leicester next Saturday to protest presumably against the tidal wave of immigration. The march has apparently been sanctioned by the police and the EDL claim that they want a peaceful protest. So far so good!

That is until the 'Unite against Fascism' group then decide that they too want to march through Leicester on the same day and at the same time as the EDL. Clearly to allow two opposing groups to clash is a recipe for disaster so why have the police allowed this lunacy? In my opinion it is being allowed to stifle public protest. They actually want trouble to occur so that any legitimate argument against mass immigration will disappear amidst lurid headlines.

Read the type of person who support the UAF. It is clearly trade union dominated and as such can be mobilised at a whim. I never hear about UAF until the EDL or formerly the BNP (British National Party) appear on a public platform. The UAF give the impression that they are financed by the Trade Unions to bully and threaten any person remotely connected to nationalism.

The clips will inevitable appear on Youtube and I will conclude by suggesting that you observe which party instigates the violence! I would suggest that the EDL march will come under pressure from the UAF or ... dare I suggest the police themselves.  As ever the mainstream media will slant their reports in favour of their principle objective which means people who want to maintain the traditional British way of life are of course misguided!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Public Sector Unions

public sector workers strikeAs I have often stated in the past that I was brought up in a Socialist household. My parents were from Clydeside where voting Conservative is regarded akin to domestic abuse! My father was an area union secretary for the railway TSSA. As a youngster I earned pocket money by writing names on the annual union cards that he issued to members.

It is with this caveat that I declare the modern public sector unions as being a major threat to the social structure of this country. The public sector after 13 years of mismanagement by Labour clearly requires reform. We need reform in the NHS, in Education, in Welfare and well almost every aspect of public sector practice but every time someone advances a common sense proposal up pops a union baron to invariably oppose the change.

It is not being uncharitable to mention that every top union official collects a six figure salary. Even further down the line some of the union officials work full time for the union even though their salaries are paid out of the public purse. Guido Fawkes calls them ''Pilgrims' after a prominent member of a nursing union, Jane Pilgrim. Have a look at today's exposure! It is an obscene waste of public money.

Without exception and without reason they all support the Labour party. Without exception they oppose anything proposed by the Coalition. They were even responsible for the election of Ed Miliband to lead the Labour party and without their funding Labour would not exist. This is a very unhealthy threat to our democracy. We cannot reconstruct the injustices in our political system and public sector when one of our major parties is so blinkered and out of touch.

Someone must confront their waste and greed in the same way that Margaret Thatcher confronted Arthur Scargill and the miners. As a country we will never move forward until we have unions that reject personal greed and ambition and promote the workforce.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

It is amazing...in this age of austerity!

In this age of austerity have you noticed how it never applies to the 'modernisers'? In an age when we, the public, cannot afford public toilets or libraries the 'modernisers' can afford high speed railways, another London airport, an Olympics, a royal yacht and a huge bail out of the euro?

It is ridiculous! They never stop spending taxpayer's money. They cannot understand that we cannot afford their ambition. In my household I have a budget. I know what I can afford. At the moment I can afford everything that I pay for but if the going gets tough then what do I cut? First on the agenda would be Sky TV... it is a luxury that I love but when the going gets tough it would get chopped and so in government terms that could mean stopping our contributions to the European Union because it is an expensive luxury that we can't afford.

Then we have savings. Today we can still save for our future but if inflation continues to rise we would have to cut back. In government terms it means that we cannot afford the lavish Foreign Aid that we dispense to countries with better growth than ourselves. It is just common sense. 

I will never understand why all our international commitments cost we, the British, so much money. Four French soldiers get killed in Afghanistan and immediately Sarkozy threatens to withdraw the French contingent. Four!? We have been in Afghanistan longer than the Second World War. The cost in manpower has been horrific and nobody has yet been able to explain why we, an island nation, can  have our security threatened by marauding Afghans! The official excuse is pathetic so there must be another reason for so much loss of life. The cost is also horrific and so I must just concede that we are being fleeced.

Do you understand what I am saying? We do not need to beg or borrow our way out of debt. We just cut our cloth to what we can afford. I do not need SKY TVor savings to survive. I can cut so much if I have to and so can the government. They can cut so much frivolous spending, starting with their own bar and dining facility, but then they choose not to and you still vote for them! It is still time to refuse to vote ConDemLab. Don't give them your approval. They are cheating on you but when will you get the message?

Syria and elsewhere?

Does anyone else know why the western world is ignoring the plight of the people in Syria? Can anyone explain why their dictator is being allowed to slaughter his own people in order to hang onto power? Why are the international forces of justice protecting Bashar al-Assad when they released the dogs of war on Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi?What is the difference?

May I suggest that the difference is that the Syrian Leader has no oil to protect and probably in every other way he is cooperating with the world's bankers. He is no threat to the New World Order so we don't go there. Iraq on the other hand had much that the 'corporatocracies' coveted and so had Libya.

I suspect that Gaddafi actually defied the multiple national 'corporatocracies' and they taught him a lesson which would reverberate around the world. The same with Saddam Hussein! If you upset the 'corporatopcracies' then you are toast!

However, if you have responsible leaders who care for the people then you can defy the New World Order...take Ecuador for example. Ecuador sold out to the American bankers until Rafael Correa arrived on the scene. He declared that their national debt was illegitimate and refused to pay! So what happened....nothing....he is still in charge and he is forging alliances with countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua who regard the United States as the 'Great Satan'. Correa reckons that is an insult to the devil!!

You see you hear nothing of this from the political driven mainstream media in this country. Who cares about Central and South American countries? Who cares about countries that are defying the very people who control our media in this country?

I am learning all the time and when I do I will pass it on. In the meantime Syrians are dying for freedom and nobody much seems to care.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

News International... the Truth?

We sat through the pathetic attempts of the House of Commons committee to extract the truth from the Murdoch family and yet today they are paying out to almost anyone who claims wrongdoing. It is ridiculous because the billions that the Murdoch Empire has made out of phone hacking or at least irresponsible behaviour means that the payouts are peanuts.

So far it would appear that none of the 'wronged' celebrities have refused the payments so it would appear that they are being bought off. When will we get the truth? When will the mainstream media actually front up to their behaviour? 

I am still ploughing through my book 'Hoodwinked' written by a self confessed 'Economic Hit Man' and it is illuminating. He calls companies like News International 'corporatocracies' because they are so large and so powerful that they transcend national boundaries. 

Economics is quite a difficult subject so I am struggling with Milton Friedmann and Keynesian principles but I will get there because I almost had to study law when my son was doing his degree and was asking for my advice! So far I do wonder how the author John Perkins has survived because he is seriously giving the game away.

News International is huge and they must have a game plan. They are one of probably only six media magnates in the world. A few grand here and there is nothing to them. Their license to dominate the media is all important so that the closure of the News of the World was merely a flea bite. At present News International is just clearing up an unfortunate little hiccup in the UK! There are no rules to contain them so everyone might just as well grab the cash (notice that the indignant Prescott has grabbed the money with no questions asked!).

The blood boils!

At my age it is best to remain calm despite the provocations which the politicians heap onto the public. So in this spirit of good health I opened the Daily Mail this morning and immediately my blood reached boiling point!

Now I know the Daily Mail is reputed by left wing modernisers to be sensationalist and provocative but until they disprove the stories then I will continue to read it. I have been railing against so called British Justice for some time now occasionally highlighting the antics of our hopelessly inadequate judges so when I witness this on the steps of our courts then I know that all justice has ceased. This young man should have been immediately rearrested and charged with 'contempt of court'. I can only hope that one day when he is old and grey another young thug will kick some sense into his head!

Then we have two more examples of our contemptible immigration policy! Both featured Lithuanians allowed into this country en masse because of our association with the European Union. One of them, a convicted child rapist, was yesterday jailed for life for an horrific rape. Of course we all know that 'life' does not mean 'life' and that he will never be deported so when the lady judge asks 'Do we let anyone in' I have to ask her what planet is she is living on?

It is also no surprise that the distress of the Kolar family at the murder of their parents witnessed by most of us now appears to have been at the hands of another Lithuanian who was arrested yesterday. I must now pose the question just who is checking on these immigrants? They wouldn't be here you know if we didn't give them financial incentives. When is the Coalition going to remove the incentives and properly reevaluate the welfare system?

I know the answer to that and so do most of you but as this 'green and pleasant land' sinks to new depths of depravity one still has to pose the question...who is really trying to get us back on track or is hope now just a dream?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Just a bit of fun!

Things that they will never say!

1.       We will bring back hanging.
2.       Immigration will cease.
3.       School grades have not improved this year.
4.       Tax on fuel will be reduced.
5.       Evenin’ All. I am your local bobby.
6.       We will stop rewarding women for producing children.
7.       We will limit child benefits to 2 children.
8.       Unemployment benefit will be limited to two years.
9.       International Development finance will be limited to emergency   disaster aid .
1   No more money will be wasted bailing out the euro.
1   We will deport all foreign criminals
1  We will remove subsidies from the Westminster bars and dining rooms.
1   The new HS2 link is too expensive.
1   Rail prices will fall.
1   You WILL get a referendum on our membership of the European Union.
1.   Scotland will become independent.
1  Climate change was a scam.
1 Chris Huhne is guilty.
1   NHS staff will care about the patients.
 The elderly will die with dignity.

TThis is just for starters! Can you think of anything else? The challenge
is up to you!

Can it get any worse?

There comes a time when most of us just shake our heads in disbelief at the ineptitude of the Political Class who are paid a small fortune to keep us safe. Time after time I have criticised the people organising the Olympic Games and continually they endorse my mistrust of them by committing acts of inexplicable stupidity!

Now comes news that a police officer took a packet of security plans for the Olympic Games and left them on a train in Kent. Can you imagine that? What kind of numbskull would do something like that and as it happened on 5 January we have been kept in the dark ever since.

A public spirited citizen handed them in to 'The Sun' who of course published the details which included mobile phone numbers of other senior officers and details of 'lock down' procedures in the event of an emergency.

The response from the Met is of course typical. Don't worry folks, no big deal, officer reported loss, nothing sensitive compromised so business as usual. Well it really is 'business as usual' for the Met officers who have form for waving around Top Secret 'Codeword' documents in public.

I worked with Top Secret documents for 20 years and there is absolutely no way I could have smuggled anything out of our military bases or would have wanted to. If they had to move they were properly accounted for and moved by official courier. How these officers think that they can just pop them into a 'bag' and be trusted not to leave them on a train baffles me.

By the way the computer for the return and sale of Olympic tickets limped back on line yesterday but with one important omission. We can't now buy any of the returned tickets. The authorities will now buy them all back and reallocate them later but won't say how. They probably need time to think up yet another scam!

Muhammed Ali!

Muhammed Ali was seventy yesterday! All of my life (he is five months older than me) I have been privileged to share the same history as the great man. Many of my family memories have been shared with Mohammed Ali.

My dad and I watched his win at the Olympic Games. We watched in astonishment as this kid from America destroyed the Polish European Champion. I then watched his rise to fame from afar until the night that he was dropped by Henry Cooper and I was there on that night live at the old Wembley arena. Henry caught Ali with a huge punch but the champ recovered because he always did.

Then he had his problem with the American public because this particular black man had no intention of propping up an American administration by volunteering to fight in Vietnam. In hindsight he was so right!

So they binned him for three years and when I was in Berlin we saw the first of his comeback fights. My wife and I got up at 2am to watch the first Ali/Frazier fight and to my chagrin Mohammed Ali lost. He was almost thirty and so was I and when he lost I almost believed that I too had lost my youth.

Later I watched his many fights and his occasional losses most of which he avenged. The 'Rumble in the Jungle' and the 'Thriller in  Manila' have become legendary. We just don't seem to see fights like that any more. These guys should receive the equivalent of the Victoria Cross for the effort that they delivered. They were close to death because physically they gave everything.

It is so sad to see this supreme physical being shambling around today but nothing will dim the memory of his boxing ability and his charisma. He had a unique charm which he used to promote himself and entertain the rest of us. Happy Birthday Ali!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Horse Racing

Yesterday at Kempton a horse called Swincombe Flame won the Lanzarote Hurdle, a valuable hurdle race, by a nose. There is no shorter winning margin in racing. The jockey, Will Kennedy, was subsequently banned for seven days and forfeited his share of the prize money for misuse of the whip. In other words he flogged the horse across the winning line depriving his opponent of a well merited win.

The horse racing authorities have been heavily criticised for the manner in which they have implemented this misuse of the whip rule. It was introduced without a trial period. What I fail to understand is why the stewards only punish the jockey? There is no way that a horse should keep the race if the jockey has cheated to win it. Everyone should suffer. Under these rules the owners can 'recompense' the jockey privately and nobody loses.

Horse racing, particularly National Hunt racing, is a very cruel sport. It is exciting and challenging and some of the beasts are so brave and honest that they worm their way into the hearts of the nation. There is however, a very high casualty rate.

The authorities have been praised for their anti corruption stance and recently some high profile jockeys have been banned but if they seriously want this whip rule to change anything then the horse should lose the race. Cheats should never prosper.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Now France goes down the tubes!

It is becoming hard to understand the current financial crisis engulfing the members of the European Union...you know all those countries who were economically healthy before they joined the 'club'. Today France became yet another country to lose their credit rating which should be a disaster for the country but somehow nobody seems to care.

As country after country collapses financially one wonder what it means? The sums involved in all cases are so astronomical that I wonder how it can happen? These countries all have professional financial advisers presumably paid handsomely to keep their countries out of the red so what has happened?

How can normal families budget to keep themselves solvent but countries like, shall we say, France, Spain, Greece (!), Portugal, Ireland, Italy and yes the UK all owe huge sums of money to an invisible authority who has lent them bewildering amounts of cash? Who has that much money? Come on who has so much money that they can lend these countries trillions of euros? It simply is not possible.

We are all being duped. We are being conned by the politicians and the bankers. Our financial system has been corrupted and I really wonder whether they are playing too close to the wind. I really hope not because the figures are beginning to look fictitious! 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

On and On it goes...!

Nottinghamshire Healthcare allowed a man with psychological problems out into the community who his entire family knew was mentally unstable. They ignored the views of the family and as a result he killed his grandfather.

Now the Healthcare authority wheel out a Healthcare professional in front of the cameras to apologise! Once again nobody is sacked for incompetence and nobody is held responsible. The family are left to grieve knowing that a death was preventable with just a hint of professionalism. 

24 times they voiced their fears and were ignored. How can the Chief Executive and so many more retain their jobs? What level of incompetence has to be illustrated before someone is sacked? Under this 'modernising' society what does it take to replace an under performing public service employee? How many more grieving families before we change the system?  

We cannot go on like this...

Anyone who witnessed the grief of the daughter and son of Mr and Mrs Kolar on SKY news this afternoon as they appealed for those who murdered their parents to be caught would have to be a stone not to be moved by them. They were distraught and I am not ashamed to say that I wept with them.

I just wonder what some of the 'modernisers', the very people who have corrupted our justice system, thought when they witnessed the results of their handy work. Are they still so proud of what they are doing to our society? Have they no compassion for the people who suffer because of their warped ideals? 

I have complained so often but until we bring back punishments which fit the crime and yes I mean, where appropriate, mediaeval retaliation and definitely capital punishment, the scenes we witnessed this afternoon will continue and increase. I just cannot accept that a hard working, close knit, decent family should be subjected to so much trauma because some lawless individuals have no respect for the justice system. 

The Labour party had 13 years to confront it and failed. So far the Coalition are also failing to tighten up the Justice system. It is so riddled by failing laws, weak judges and interference from the EU that we have totally lost our way. We seriously need leadership! We need courage but even seeing the results today of the 'modernisation' of our society I cannot see one mainstream politician who will confront the 'modernisers' and say 'you are wrong...look what you have done...look at what you are doing...we must change direction NOW'! 

If you can think of one let me know!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We cannot afford it!

My daughter has just bought me a book by an economist called John Perkins entitled 'Hoodwinked'. I am about 10 pages into it and the language is somewhat confusing but the message is already filtering into my brain.

Governments across the world have been 'hoodwinked' by massive corporations to forget their tried and tested financial regulations and invest in risky projects. It has resulted in the massive debts run up by so many countries across the world.

Parliament  and the Financial Services Agency watched as Gordon Brown and his cohorts (almost?) wrecked one of the largest economies in the world. We, the public, also watch as our politicians continually launch projects which will cost the country billions. In every city, town and village we watch helplessly as services are cut to follow the austerity programme imposed upon us by politicians who to this day enjoy their subsidised life in Westmonster.

In the meantime as one failed project after another eats into our economy they continue to invest in monstrous white elephants.  They will not abandon foreign aid to countries far better placed financially than we are, our contribution to the EU is ridiculous, we are fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan, bombing Libya cost us billions, then the over budget Olympics and now a project (HS2) costed at £32 billion and already forecast to double that.

It will never stop until we cut our ties to the EU. It will never stop until we defeat the 'modernisers', those servants of the EU who infect every major political party. I am beginning to sound like a cracked record but there is a simple reason that HS2 should be cancelled. WE cannot afford it! There are also a hundred other reasons to cancel it but the bottom line is we cannot afford it. This government, despite all of the PM's rhetoric, is still borrowing billions every month. It must cease.

Before people lose their homes, their land, the countryside, nature reserves and our sanity we the public must halt this madness.  Somehow we must get the message to the politicians that we have had enough. If we don't then ruination is the only possible outcome.  

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nigel Farage on HS2!

I watched the modernising puppets in Westmonster this afternoon bouncing up and down one after the other congratulating themselves on yet another massive waste of taxpayer's money.  I could not remember one dissenting voice. Not one MP (when I was watching) told Madame Greening that this was a dreadful waste of public money and not necessary particularly when we as a country are skint!

So do we have anyone who will tell the public the truth? Yes we have so once again step forward Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP! How I just wish he had a voice in Westmonster. The Buckingham electorate preferred 'The Squeaker' and did us all a disservice. This clip puts a totally different slant on the HS2 project and demonstrates how our modernisers dance to the EU tune every time.

High Speed Railway? Modernisers v The Public!

So the battle begins! Justine Greening, a leading Conservative moderniser and Transport Secretary has just announced in Westmonster that she is going full speed ahead to deliver the new high speed railway. She immediately received cross party support from all parties because all the main politicians are 'modernisers' which means that they don't back the British public.

Facing them will be families who will lose their homes, people wishing to defend beauty spots and and villagers who will lose their way of life. This surely has to be worth defending. We have got a perfectly adequate rail system. It is over priced and badly administered but that is not the fault of the public. Before these 'modernisers' destroy the countryside they should attempt to make the current system work. Prices continue to rise dramatically and the service that the public receive is appalling.

Almost every government in the world recognises that an efficient railway must be subsidised. It is the duty of a government to maintain a good rail service for the benefit of the people. They cannot ask passengers to keep paying for an over crowded service. The crux of the problem is that the 'modernisers' do not understand the word 'duty'. It is not in their vocabulary.  

We are a relatively small country. Even at high speed the time saved will be minimal. It will never be worth the cost, the destruction of the countryside and the devastation of local communities. It is only worth it if your ultimate intention is to break down a society.

I hope that the thousands of people who will feel the full force of this project fight it all the way and that the rest of us support them.

Monday, 9 January 2012

An independent Scotland?

My parents arrived in Derby in 1939 newly married and hopeful for a good future. They were both children from Motherwell, a steel city built on grime and coal. I remember it with affection because the people were honest working class and they welcomed a little 'English' boy into their bosom. 

My late son rediscovered his Scottish heritage 50 years later and decided that this was really his 'home' country. He delighted in wearing his grandfather's kilt and graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with his Law Degree wearing it. His friends are delightful and our banter about Scottish weather and southern softies continues in good natured friendship.

That is the relationship which I enjoy with Scotland. I was schooled and reared in England and I consider myself English because I never, ever actually lived in Scotland. Yes by birth I am Scots but I am what I feel and I feel English.

So after that laboured introduction how do I view Scottish independence? Alex Salmond and his SNP crew are challenging Westmonster and I for one have had enough. The problem is that Scotland is actually a single party country. The Tories don't exist culturally and the Labour Party has let so many people down. Unlike the English the Scots actually think about politics. They realise that the Scottish Labour politicians, led by Gordon Brown, have let them down.

Enter the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) and their threat to hold a referendum on independence. The Scottish people will be given an opportunity to decide their future (unlike the English) and they can vote for independence. I doubt very much if they will secede from the United Kingdom because, if they do then they will be worse off.

By the way ask the English (nobody ever does) what they want from the union with Scotland...you people north of the border would seriously not like the answer. Tell Alex Salmond to shut his stupid mouth because you may regret what he wants! Down here we are sick of Scottish politicians...Brown, Blair, Darling, John Reid, Kennedy, Martin and on it goes! England really would be well rid of you!

We want Scottish independence! Please go your own way. We can them renegotiate our membership of the EU. We have really had enough of  Scottish bigotry built up over years of historical distortion. It is about time that the Westmonster government asked the English people to vote for or against this union but if the English ever get a vote on anything then the world would change! The time will come.   

What do we believe?

I was sent the link to this video by a relative who could not believe her eyes and ears. I viewed it some time ago and came to the conclusion that Aaron Rosso was plausible. Because of his position and background he had strong links to many of the people who belong to what is termed the New World Order.

The New World Order are mainly bankers and as Mr Rosso articulates they are hell bent on changing the world. I see that over 1,700.000 have now viewed this clip and yet nothing much has changed. In fact it has got worse which gives his other claims a strange credibility.

I must admit that I declare an interest because I have always claimed that the EU is an illicit organisation that could never stand close inspection. I have always laughed off the monstrous claim that our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan to make us a safer country. Tony Blair has been totally discredited for taking us to war in Iraq and if anyone still believes that the economies of almost every western European country was caused by 'reckless' bankers' should really get a  reality check.

The bankers were responsible but they were not reckless because it was very well planned and executed. The compliant politicians just helped the plan along.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Crime and the UK!

Ken Clarke
It is now becoming clear that the soft approach to criminality adopted by those trusted to protect the public is having a serious effect on our safety. Increasingly decent members of our society are being murdered by criminals out on licence who should, if justice had been served, be safely behind bars.

The UK is currently a haven for criminals. There is no deterrent in the soft option sentencing guidelines which would cause anyone to think twice before committing a violent crime. We can witness the bewilderment and grief of the family from India who are mourning their student son after he wandered into the 'manor' of 'Psycho' Stapleton from Salford and was shot in the head for his ignorance. You would not catch me on the streets of Salford at any hour never mind the early hours but how was he to know?

I doubt very much if there was a policemen on the beat within five square miles of him and that was probably why he died.  By and large our streets are no longer safe because they have been left unprotected by a police force weighed down by risk assessments and the constant battle against drunken young people.

I have long believed that until the 'modernisers', who are hell bent on changing our society to mirror their warped beliefs, reap the rewards of their mindset then nothing will change. If one of these politicians is made to grieve for a loved one then perhaps it will come home to them what they have achieved.

We have one such person in charge of the Justice System in this country. He is a paid up member of the 'worship the European Union' club and  one of the few ordinary politicians who has had serial invitations to the Bilderberger meetings. 

I cannot believe that a Conservative Prime Minister could hand the Criminal Justice System to someone like Ken Clarke. Every time that I want to believe in David Cameron then reality brings me back from the brink. Every time that the PM wins me over and no matter  how convincing he becomes, the very fact that Ken Clarke is the Justice Minister and still ignoring the British people, ruins his cause.

Ken Clarke serves a master that most of us do not recognise or understand. His willingness to create an alien political society which refuses to acknowledge public concern is mystifying. I believe his motives are suspect but he is getting older and he should be replaced. I wonder which 'moderniser' will replace him because in order to oppress the country further this particular position is vital.

We desperately need changes in our criminal justice system. The public need protection. The 'modernisers' have now gone too far with their liberal policies. A country without justice is heading for disaster and the recent increase in murder and stabbings is reflecting the changes in our society. Someone has to slam the gears into reverse! 

Friday, 6 January 2012

London Olympics- Meltdown!

I just cannot credit the ineptitude of the people charged with running the London Olympics. This was the morning that people who had obtained tickets that they didn't want (probably half the nation) were informed that they could return them for resale.

At the same time buyers were lining up to buy the returned tickets. One would have thought that the technology would be in place to deal with this gigantic swap but...the system broke down and couldn't handle the demand. You couldn't make it up! 

Common Purpose and the Police

I have been fascinated recently to learn of just how many people are prepared to submit themselves to Common Purpose indoctrination in order for personal advancement. I have recently waded through this list and I concentrated on the police mainly because the police can be identified by rank and position.

I found 309 people (I expected more) with links to various UK police forces and the years that they sold themselves to Common Purpose. During the many appointments, promotions and media appearances I did not find one reference to their Common Purpose association.

Of those 309 individuals 189 rose to a position of Superintendent or higher. Three are Assistant Commissioners, 16 are/were Chief Constables and a further 16 Deputy Chief Constables. The list ceases at 2006 so it could be much higher by now. There is little doubt that the influence of Common Purpose has become a major problem if we are to administer the country in a fair and democratic manner.

It is also worth mentioning that some of those on the list were civilian administrators (like Chair people of various local police authorities) and not serving police officers and in addition some women could not be further traced (possibly serving under married names).

I have no doubt that the people that were approached by CP have talent as many were educated to degree level but to submit to a 'secret' organisation surely indicates character flaws. In the overall police organisation 309 rotten apples is still quite small but their seniority makes them dangerous. I do wonder how their colleagues view them?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The London Olympics

I'm afraid that I was not surprised to hear that our Olympic Games organising committee had oversold tickets for the synchronised swimming by 100,000! 

I do not know who devised the ticket allocation system but when you are actively trying to prevent the public from getting the good tickets then everything is bound to get over complicated. It is therefore no surprise that when you are juggling tickets for politicians, civil servants, corporate bodies, sponsors, visiting foreign dignitaries and your own relations then something is bound to get fouled up.

These Games are on the verge of becoming farcical which is a shame when you appreciate the huge efforts that our competitors and their families and coaches make to get them to the starting line. Whatever happened to first come first served with the only preference given to the competitors and their friends and family?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993. Everyone has always known who killed him and today two of the gang were convicted. We all know that others were involved and probably their time will come. We all hope so. The point of this post is once again to focus on the attitude of the police.

Clearly the police failed the Lawrence family on every account. This case has been used to deliver a politically correct agenda which the BBC endorses. It is almost as if the Lawrence case has been used as an example to illustrate how badly the police performed in 1993. It has been used to reform police attitudes. That of course cannot be denied but the 'modernisers' have stitched up the police to such an extent that they no longer appear on our streets.

Post 'Stephen Lawrence' the modernisers kicked in to take the police off the streets. They hamstrung them so that all racial cases had to be handled with kid gloves. As the immigrants poured into the country and committed all manner of crimes the Justice system backed off because nobody wanted a 'race' issue. 

Now we are where we are. Doreen Lawrence has proven her point. I too have lost a son so I bear her pain but my son was not lost in such a violent way (well yes he was but not murdered and the pain is still the same). The consequence of the death of Stephen Lawrence has a long arm. His death has been used by the 'modernisers' to further their cause and so to see Common Purpose trained Met officers piously declaring that his death changed the attitude of the police was frankly sickening!

The 'modernisers' took every advantage to use the death of Stephen Lawrence to their own ends. The BBC is as ever leading the way. Where is the compassion? As long as the 'modernisers' are controlling the agenda we will never have closure. They are all on Newsnight tonight!

The London Olympics

Every time that I pick up a paper it appears that something else has bespoiled the London Olympics. The Political Class that are responsible for this event seem hell bent on spitting on the public. Every conceivable opportunity is being exacted to gain maximum advantage and illustrate to the public just who is in charge.

Firstly we had the ticket farce where people paid up front for tickets
not knowing which event they had been allocated if indeed they received any tickets at all. Then we realised that many of the better tickets had been 'awarded' to corporate bodies and were being used as 'prizes' for their customers.

We then discovered that more of the better tickets had been reserved for the politicians and their cronies and that they had been almost exclusively been awarded tickets for the main events. If that wasn't bad enough it was released that some tickets had never been on offer and had been retained for foreign dignitaries to exploit.

We won't go into the scandal regarding the future of the Olympic accommodation which at one time was meant to be affordable housing but eventually ended up in the hands of property developers but now we also hear that VIPs will be transported by a fleet of 4000 BMWs along dedicated lanes to avoid the inconvenience of mixing with the public!

Now the UK Border Control (yes apparently it does exist) announce that Olympic VIPs will receive dedicated passport lanes to avoid the normal crush! They pile indignity after indignity on the public and I sense a weary resignation descending on so many of us as this farce unfolds. I do wonder however, what happens if this weary resignation turns to anger. I believe that the Olympic Games might just be the catalyst to ignite the seething frustration felt by so many.

We have mass lawlessness in our society. The UK is becoming a very dangerous country stuffed to the brim by feral foreigners unaccountable to the authorities. Most of us who live here know when and where to venture but visitors don't! If it kicks off they will need more than 23000 security guards to protect the ZILs ...sorry BMWs!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Murder is becoming common place!


I fear that murder is becoming common place on our streets. Case after case is being announced on the news programmes and we are becoming immune to the shock of it all. In particular knife crime has become a daily event particularly in areas inhabited by those termed ethnic minorities.

We have always had drunken fights but today these fights are ended with a knife. The police continually hold knife 'amnesties' but they mean nothing because the people who carry knives do not have the same values that many of us born in this country were instilled with. Fair play and honour no longer exist as it has become survival of the most ruthless.

Clearly the absence of the police from the streets is having a huge effect and their conversion from protectors of the public to state 'Stasi' seems now complete. Weak sentencing and cushy prisons mean that the 'modernisers' have done their work well because there is absolutely no deterrent in the Justice system which would deter a serial criminal. The Human Rights Act and a benefit culture which encourages fraud disgusts so many of us but then up pops a moderniser to justify the break down of our society.

I think the clash of two shoplifting gangs of black lads who descended on a shoe shop during the Boxing Day sales and stabbed one of their own in an argument over a pair of trainers sums it all up! As usual the police arrived well after the event just in time to hold the crowd back.

It will only get worse!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

UKIP and the EU!

Godfrey Bloom
I have just been reviewing the antics of Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom on Youtube. They are two of the UKIP European MPs and they are making a real nuisance of themselves. Sometimes it is hilarious because they harangue the whole EU sideshow with alacrity.

They insult and challenge and of course none of it is ever reported by the BBC or the mainstream media because they tell the absolute truth. It is akin to 'the King is in the altogether'.  I must admit I had never heard of Godfrey Bloom until my daughter sent me a clip of him in action. He really bats for Britain and relishes the opportunity of voicing what most of us inherently believe!

In one short, sharp speech he summed everything up! There are other clips! If you have never seen Nigel Farage in action then he too is worth a viewing. The clip of Godfrey Bloom being thrown out of the EU parliament is hilarious! He doesn't give two monkeys! He treats them as they are an absolute joke not worthy of any serious consideration (and of course he is right!). 

I know that if Godfrey stood in the General Election after this type of exposure then he would win a seat and I would love to see this type of rhetoric in Westmonster!! The problem is that the public never see him in action because the modernisers don't allow the public access to this example of rebellion. It is my job to circumnavigate the mainstream media. Godfrey Bloom I salute you!